London escapade

We drove Zaba to London. You may remember Zaba? She is the heroin of Home and About – a story about… Zaba. I was the chauffer, Steve acted as porter. We took Zaba’s favourite automobile, the Rolls she affectionately refers to as Rollie-Pollie. Zaba visited all her relations in every pond and puddle, and let’s face it, in this attrocious weather there were puddles aplenty! Good thing I am a good rower. We sang this song:

Row, row, row the boat

gently down the stream

reepeetee weepeetee

life is but a dream!

We would have stayed at the Ritz Hotel but Zaba had something more charitable in mind so we settled for IT. We hope that even the 10% of our accommodation cost will be able to feed a small African country for a year or two. Next time we will take a tent and send the whole amount directly to that small African country – it may feed them for a decade.

We saw Stomp. Full of energy, full of attitude, full of vigor! Incredible sound! A symphony created out of a wheely bin and a supermarket trolley! Amazing animation, fluidity, movement, body language that tells a story of curiosity, creativity and beauty found at the bottom of refuse damp. No barriers! We loved it. Zaba joined in. Now she wants to be a rubbish man. She is already practising sweeping floors with a bang.

We took a submarine back to the swamps of our flooded West Country.


    • Thank you, thank you very much for remembering!

      I got a special treat: gone to Bath Royale Theatre to see The Double by Dostoyevskey and window-shop. It was very lovely, very Dickensian and Christmasy.
      And I got SKY TV!


      • Dostoyevsky is one of my favourite novelists. Have you read ‘Crime and Punishment’? If you like strange Russian Fiction try Gogol. His short story ‘The Nose’ is fantastic in the true sense of the word.


  1. Oh yes, read “Crime and Punishment” – it’s one of my life’s favourites! I read it first when I was a teenager and felt I could come to that stage in life where things would spin out of control. I could quite see myself there.
    Gogol? I must give him a go-go, he he.


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