Maldives – a place where you forget the rest of the world exists


Paradise is on Earth and when Adam and Eve were sacked from it they only had to cross the narrow strip of desert to Africa. Then things started going pear-shaped (Africa did) and masses of land separated, isolating the Paradise from the rest. Until we found it again.

The heroine and heroes from “Home and About” came along. They had a whale of good time. Their story there will be told. They had never been to Paradise before and didn’t quite believe it existed so you can imagine their surpise!

I revised my tree climbing techniques. Woo-HAA!


  1. Good tree climbing technique but I wondered what would happen as you got higher. Would you have to turn around so that you were horizontal?
    Glad you had a lovely time,
    all the best
    Tim x


    • Ha! Never thought of it. On deep reflection, I would’ve probably clung on to one of the trunks and let Big Monkey cling on to the other one. Even horizontally, I am only a small person!
      Thank you for visiting, Tim!


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