I, the Conquistador

Contrary to my carefully planned earlier itinary, I didn’t take the choo-choo train, but instead set on foot to conquer Snowdon! Which I did with very little exertion.
I set off after a hearty breakfast (full English with the exception of a withered sausage). At that point I was considering seeing Steve off only to the first steep ascent and scampering promptly to the train station to keep up with his progress from my carriage window.
However, once my competitve spirit kicked in, there was no stopping me. At halfway point, some 550m up into the trek, I was feeling on top of the world already. And when I got to the top, I must say, I could hardly believe it.
If the conquest of a big, bad mountain wasn’t enough, I have also rolled up my sleeve and completed The Buccaneers of Backwater, my last story for children. More about it another time once it has been proof-read and edited. It is the last book for children as my only child-reader is getting on and children’s adventures won’t hold her interest for much longer. I won’t stop writing (that would be like cutting out my tongue) but I will move to writing for adults. I will start a new dedicated blog.

Well, there I conquered the mountain and I conquered yet another story. I, the Conquistador, bless my cotton socks!


    • Well, thank you, Tim! Ben Nevis is apparently next on the list. The Tarrantulatooth I’ve never heard of. Where is that?
      The only worrying thing about holidays is that they must come to an end, and that hurts! 🙂


  1. Dear Anna,
    I haven’t heard from you for a while and I am hoping everything is alright with you. I’ve survived another OFSTED and am Part Time until Christmas when my redundancy kicks in. All the best, Tim x


    • Hi Tim,
      I’m really really disturbed to hear about your so called redundancy – no doubt, an underhanded way of getting rid of you for reasons which cannot be officially quoted or justified! I’m sure you’re a brilliant teacher and I can’t understand for my dear life why your school would like to lose an exceptional science teacher with such passion for his subject! It’s a sad world.
      We’ve been plagued with illness in my family – nothing longterm, just nasties passed from one to another. I have a new head at school so lots adjusting to do even though she seems easy going and down to earth. All that is bound to – inevitably in my case – lead to existential questions I ask myself about where I am going with all this rat race. And what happened to quality of life. And for how much longer will I be able to carry on without caving in. The usual.
      I check your news though have no energy to sign in or comment. Which is bad of me. But the logging on is a nightmare – they force me watch some strange advertising clips – I just give up and don’t bother. Still, just need to recover from all my ailments and, once full steam, I intend to make a splash updating my blog.
      All the very best. Continue taking advantage of your temporary freedom from daily yoke and creating your beatutiful photography while you can. Plus, congrats on the approach from that NY Gallery! Well done! I was chuffed to read about that!



  2. Dear Anna,
    sorry for having taken such a long time to reply to you. I’m sorry ti hear that you have all been poorly and I hope you are on the mend now. I’m enjoying the opportunity that being part time has given me to really concentrate on my photography although it has left me poorer that a Church Mouse! Work is going well, we also have a new Head and, we cannot quite take it in yet, he seems to be a very decent man but officialy I am still being made redundant at Christmas. The whole redundancy business was thoroughly unpleasant and was largely due to my reputation as a troublemaker (aka someone who politely but eloquently expresses their own opinion and stands up for vulnerable staff) but I cannot have my cake and eat it there. I said to people that I accept the consequences of what I do and therefore there is no point in not accepting it. The Gallery approach was incredibly exciting and utterly out of the blue. At the moment I still have an open mind over what I shall submit but leaning towards the theme of ‘Beginnings and Endings’ . I miss your comments on the blog, at the moment I am getting hundreds of visitors but no-one leaves thoughtful opinions in the way that you used to,
    anyway all the best Tim x
    ps if you want to add me on facebook my email is timshaunknight@hotmail.com


    • HI Tim,
      Great to hear from you, as always.
      I’ve been swamped with work – I always put my hand up when no one else does, and then suffer the consequences! I’m learning to be more selective about what I dump myself into or else I’ll have no life and no family to turn to.
      I, for one, admire you courage. Maybe the new head will look at you differently. Maybe there is still a chance?
      Reconciling the church-mouse poverty with the freedom and time to follow your heart into photography and what you love best is an interesting dilemma to have. I hope it works out well in the end.
      I’m sorry I haven’t been reading much of late, or commenting. I’m beginning to get on top of things so soon will have more time.
      I don’t have a facebook account which is a shame as these days that prevents me from staying in touch with friends. I must get around to getting it, but it isn’t high on my to-do-list. I have a sneaky suspicion that it would be a time-thief!
      Best of the best


    • Hello Ian,

      Thank you for comment. I didn’t know Barack Obama had such high flying aspirations. I’ve already been there – done that, but he will still have to prove himself. Wishing you a happy new year, and may all your resolutions come true!


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