Happy new beginnings

front cover
This is an announcement of my last story for children – “The Buccaneers of the Backwater”. It is a short novella about an almost pirate-adventure with the bitter-sweet mixutre of real life piracy. A link to the story can be found on a page suitable entitled “CHildren’s: The Buccanneers of the Backwater”.

I have written my last story for children. My daughter is … well… getting on… and as she hit double digits, adventures of mythical monsters and fluffy creatures with bad tempers can no longer hit a cord with her. I will let the children’s storywriting rest.

Writing as such stays in my bloodstream and so I will continue writing until my dying days, but it will be intended for an adult reader so I will publish under a pseudonim. A new dedicated website will be created soon (time, energy and the flu bug permitting), where I will post about my research, writing, life and general upheavals and misadventures.

On that note: happy old endings and even happier new beginnings to all who read this!

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  1. I remember some of your adult shorts on blog.co.uk Anne so I know you can not only give E L a run for her money but your purple prose will make her Gray seem dull and monochrome.


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