DS Webber shares his woes about DI Marsh

My long-suffering DS Mark Webber, second-in-command to DI Marsh, is talking about her over a pint.

“Background notes: this is the transcript of an interview that was carried out by an undercover reporter in the aftermath of the Sexton’s Canning terrorist incident (handled by Detective Inspector Gillian Marsh). When officially approached for an interview, DI Marsh was not available for comment, claiming that she had better things to do than talk to the press. Sexton’s Canning Herald’s reporter subsequently approached DS Webber in a pub for an informal chat which was recorded without DS Webber’s knowledge. The transcript was then reviewed by the Board and a decision was taken that the interview with DS Webber was not publishable as it could result in costly libel proceedings. It was accordingly archived.

Sexton’s Canning Herald: They say you’re DI Marsh’s second in command. There aren’t many high-ranking female officers on the force. How does it feel to work for a woman?
DS Webber: Personally, I don’t mind her being a woman though she can be a pretty bloody-minded individual… Anyway, it makes no difference to me what sex my boss is so long as they’re good at their job.
Sexton’s Canning Herald: And DI Marsh has a great track record. You watch her every day in action – how does she do it?
DS Webber: Search me! She doesn’t say much, doesn’t share her thoughts. She doesn’t do any paperwork to speak of unless her job is on the line and she absolutely has to. Even then, it’s just tokenistic. She’s our gov’s [Detective Chief Superintendent Scarfe’s] best asset and worst nightmare, all in one.”  To continue eavesdropping, head for Author Karen King’s site here

A new case for DI Marsh and DS Webber, where DS Webber tries to take the lead, is A Conspiracy of Silence, out in October 2020, ready for pre-order now here


When a body is found in the grounds of a prestigious Wiltshire private school, DI Gillian Marsh takes on the case. The young groundsman, Bradley Watson, has been shot dead, pierced through the heart with an arrow.

As the investigation gathers pace, DI Marsh is frustrated to find the Whalehurst staff and students united in silence. This scandal must not taint their reputation. But when Gillian discovers pictures of missing Whalehurst pupil, fifteen-year-old Rachel Snyder, on Bradley’s dead body – photos taken on the night she disappeared, and he was murdered – the link between the two is undeniable.

But what is Whalehurst refusing to reveal? And does Gillian have what it takes to bring about justice?

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