A day on a book blog tour: The End of the Road


So much is happening with The End of the Road as it… well, gets on the road and enjoys flying visits at many wonderfully hospitable book bloggers!

Exciting reviews are dished out. I will put together quotes from some of them, but today I feel I just have to share this one by The.B00kreader. It put a big smile on my face.

What to say about this book other than… Woah!!
The characters, the plotline, the multiple POVs. Each perfected, well developed and beautifully written.
A story, or many stories, worth reading. Will the escape route be found? Will The End Of The Road ever come?
I enjoyed everything about this book. The thrills, the suspense and every tense moment. When I say you’ll love this book, just know I mean it!!
Each moment was so tense you just wanted to know the next move, but then again yyou didn’t because you knew you’d still be tense, waiting for what’s to come.
Anna Legat’s writing style is easy to read and quite beautiful.
A fast paced novel that will certainly keep you waiting for the next moment. 🤩

Also today, an excerpt from the book is shared on Book Inspector’s site. It isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s about a little nun taking the law into her own hands. If you’d like to test your nerves, click on this link

If you prefer something more exotic (set in African savannah) but not any less tense, please visit JazzyBookReviews by clicking on this link

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