It’s raining stars on the publication day!

Another brilliant review of A Conspiracy of Silence today! It feels wonderful to see my new DI Marsh mystery enter the world to such applause. Love it and my thanks to Bookish Jottings!

Anna Legat’s A Conspiracy of Silence is a captivating traditional British crime novel featuring the fantastic DI Gillian Marsh that will keep readers gripped throughout.

When the body of a groundsman is found in the grounds of a prestigious school in Wiltshire, DI Gillian Marsh is called onto the scene. The young man, Bradley Watson, has been found shot dead with an arrow pierced through his heart. Who would possibly commit such a macabre murder in this most pristine of settings? Why has Bradley been targeted? Did he incur the wrath of a student? A teacher? A parent? What’s really going on in this school? And what did Bradley do that had driven somebody to murder? DI Marsh  is determined to get to the truth and she will leave no stone unturned to find out what really happens behind the doors of one of the county’s most respected schools.

As the investigation starts gathering pace, DI Marsh finds herself going down one dead end after the other and the frustration begins to mount as she is met with nothing but blank faces and stony silence. Everybody seems keen to bury the scandal and pretend like nothing has happened, but Gillian is adamant that she will keep digging until she finds out what really happened to Bradley. But just when she thought that this case couldn’t possibly get any more perplexing or twisted, another shocking discovery is made: pictures of missing fifteen year old student Rachel Snyder have been found on Bradley’s body and they were taken on the night that she disappeared.

Something links the two shocking incidents and with DI Marsh edging closer to the truth, can she uncover the dark secrets lurking in the corridors of this illustrious school? Or will her quest for justice end up putting her directly in the line of fire?

A terrific mystery that deftly balances suspense and tension, Anna Legat’s A Conspiracy of Silence is an enjoyable crime novel featuring an intelligent, insightful and perceptive detective that will keep readers on their toes and desperate to find out what happens next. Full of twists and turns and surprises which readers will simply not see coming, A Conspiracy of Silence is a brilliantly written police procedural from a writer to watch out for: Anna Legat.

From Bookish Jottings Book blog There is a link to a giveaway as well for those interested in all the previous DI Marsh instalments and a commemorative mug.

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