Blog tour kicks off!

The blog tour for A Conspiracy of Silence kicks off with this fantastic review by Marnie of Once Upon a Time Book Blog.

I am so delighted with it!

“A Conspiracy of Silence is the fifth book in the DI Gillian Marsh series and can easily be read as a standalone. What initially drew me to the book, was its striking cover and the ominous vibe it projected. It is foreboding and I was curious to know what the prestigious Wiltshire private school was hiding behind that front door.

Anna Legat has put together a plot that had me very intrigued. There is something about these types of stories that are in a school setting for the rich and of entitlement for some, that I find really interesting. Added to that, the mystery element of the death of the groundsman and a missing student, makes for a very enthralling read to see how these two investigations would become connected.

The characters are a diverse bunch and although not particularly likeable, they are well written for the roles they have been given to play. DI Gillian Marsh definitely had her work cut out for her with these investigations and the silence of those, including students, teachers and a very unaccommodating head master, has you second guessing each and wondering of their potential involvement.

Anna Legat did a good job of making me stay glued to the pages and there was enough tension and suspense built up throughout that held my attention and wanting to know more. There were some red herrings thrown in along the way to throw you off the scent and when all is finally revealed, does make for a satisfying conclusion.”

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