DI Marsh is making friends with reviewers – who would’ve thought?

Reading this (A Conspiracy of Silence) is a bit like being in a maze: just as you think you’ve found the solution you turn a corner and find yourself utterly lost again!

When the body of a young member of staff is found in the grounds of a public school, DI Gillian Marsh is called to investigate. Expecting answers to her questions, she is annoyed when the headmaster blocks her investigation at every turn. At the same time, a colleague is looking into the disappearance of a local girl. When photos of her are found on the young man’s body, it links the two cases together. So what has one got to do with the other? Where’s the connection? And what, if anything, is the headmaster covering up?

This one kept me on my toes! I like Gillian Marsh – she doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and makes no apology for that. She doesn’t miss much either – a great trait for any detective! This is a very cleverly plotted book, pulling the reader in by degrees with a gripping storyline while keeping the big revelations until the very end. So very good! Skilfully created – both the story and the characters – and really hard to put down once I began. Absolutely mesmerising and such a very satisfying novel to read – with the perfect title! Anna Legat is now on my ‘must not miss’ list and I’m very happy to give this one all five glowing stars.

Grace J at ReviewerLady Go to Grace’s site to enter a giveaway ruffle for all the previous books in the DI Marsh series, plus a mug.

Buy link to A Conspiracy of Silence

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