“Cyber-Lord of the Flies”

That’s what an Amazon Voice reviewer dubbed “A Conspiracy of Silence”!

“Anna Legat’s impressive DI Gillian Marsh mystery series has never been afraid to tackle contemporary social issues. Having previously addressed Islamic terrorism, in this instalment the focus is on the destructive nature of cyber-bullying.

In “A Conspiracy of Silence”, the no-nonsense DI Marsh is confronted with a murdered drug-dealer and a missing teenage girl. Both cases are linked by the grotesque private school Whalehurst and its repellent headmaster Mr – sorry, Dr – Featherstone.

The social hierarchy among Whalehurst’s privileged and arrogant pupils is laid out in chilling detail – it’s easy to think of the novel as “Cyber-Lord of the Flies”. “A Conspiracy of Silence” is certainly no advertisement for private education.

Regular readers will be familiar with DI Marsh’s chaotic love-life, and will be reassured that fresh embarrassments are on the way in this episode too.

The plot is well-oiled with a neat and satisfying resolution; the characterisation (particularly the grieving parents) is strong and pulls the reader into the story. As ever, Anna Legat’s prose is sharp and the moments of bleak humour are beautifully observed and articulated.

“A Conspiracy of Silence” will appeal to anyone who enjoys well-plotted crime fiction, written with flair and social awareness.”

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