Santa Claus is coming…

This year has stripped many of us of joy and hope. Some of us have lost our loved ones or our good health. Others struggled with mental health illness while being isolated, alone and without access to much needed support. Spending Christmas and New Year in the company of our family and friends outside our immediate household bubble is no longer on the cards. In the matter of the last two days I learned of as many of my friends who are fighting cancer and serious illness other than the dreaded COVID.

We all deserve a break.

There isn’t much I can offer, but I thought it’d be nice to give what I can, and that means books. One of my books will be made available by the Publisher free on Amazon as a Christmas gift. But that may not be enough for the long, lone winter evenings ahead during this not-so-festive season. So I decided pull out of the bottom drawer a little offering of my own – a story of survival, redemption and second chances, but most of all, a story of many laughs.

I will soon let you know when my Christmas presents are wrapped and ready for you. Meantime, you can subscribe here to my News, Rumours and Scandalous Revelations newsletter so that you don’t miss on anything.

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