For your Christmas stocking, with my best wishes

As there are two stockings to one person, I figured that there should be two gifts, one in each stocking. So, I have two books to give this Christmas.

The first FREE book that I’ve slipped into your stocking is my humorous novel, Paula Goes to Heaven. Its publication date has been accelerated to coincide with the 5 days of Christmas that, sadly, had to be put on ice in the UK due to the raging pandemic. I hope Paula’s story can warm you up a bit from inside. It is a funny and uplifting tale of friendship, motherhood, redemption and second chances.


Paula didn’t mean to kill herself, but what’s done is done: she is dead. She goes straight to Hell.

Hell is no place for a lady (even one of dubious repute) and Devil is a prickly character. Paula doesn’t feel at home. She must make it to Heaven. By hook or by crook.

And there is another reason: Paula has her child, Pippi, to deliver from Evil.

She mobilises her troops: a fallen prophet, Angus, and a closet-gay WWII pilot, Ronnie. Together they set off on a bumpy road to Heaven.

Their quest for salvation begins.  

To claim your free ebook of Paula Goes to Heaven, click on the link below (Paula will be sitting in your Christmas stocking ONLY between 24th and 28th December, inclusive of both dates).

The news of my second FREE book coming soon. If you can’t wait, you can subscribe to my newsletter (it’s all there). Click here to subscribe

Merry Christmas!

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