Sandman by Anna Legat Blog Tour – Review

Bookish Jottings

Oscar is taking Tommy fishing – that’s what his grandad would’ve done had he not been killed in the Falklands war. Oscar owes it to Sergeant Butler to take care of his family.

Pippa and Harry are looking forward to being reunited with their son Will. Soon after they were forced out of their farm in Zimbabwe they lost touch with Will. But he’s coming to Bath to see them.

Andrzej is driving the 19:15 train to Bath Spa. It’s his last shift before he returns to his wife and daughter in Poland. He promised them.

Heading to a stag party, DI Marsh’s future son-in-law Charlie and his friends are on that train, as are many other commuters. Amongst them, Haji. Unlike the others, he has lost everybody and everything he ever cared for. He has no plans beyond this train journey.

Will DI Marsh be a match for a…

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