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A stamp of approval for Broken from Jessica Belmont, reviewer.
Broken by Anna Legat is a unique tale of two separate lives that eventually collide. The characters are very well written. Camilla and Joseph are different, but both have had things happen in their lives. Each trying to put the pieces back together. It was very compelling to watch each of these people journey through this story.

This is a psychological thriller and the bits of paranormal elements added to the atmosphere. This is a very twisty story that takes the reader on quite a rollercoaster. Weaving two people’s lives into an eventually merged ending.

Broken held my attention from beginning to end. The writing was excellent and the story had all the elements of a fantastic story. I can’t wait to read more form this author. Don’t miss out on Broken.

Jessica Belmont

What if you lost the memory of who you are?

What if you had to pick up the loose ends of life that wasn’t yours?

What if you had to fight somebody else’s battles?

What would YOU do?

Camilla’s life will never be the same after her beloved son Christopher is sent to prison.

Father Joseph’s faith is sorely tested when a deranged psychopath uses the sanctity of the confessional to gloat about his most heinous crimes.

Both Camilla and Joseph are paralysed by doubt and inaction.

But then their lives collide…

BROKEN explores where it takes a stranger to break through one’s bindings and inhibitions in order to do the right thing.

It is a story of a mother’s love for her son and a priest’s blind adherence to the seal of confession.

It is a story about Fate’s intervention.

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Broken by Anna Legat…

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